Microsoft Downgrades OneDrive Free Storage Space


Just as the cloud storage war is getting tougher, Microsoft is looking at how to increase its margin rather than give customers more freebies to take on competition.

Microsoft has just sent out a global notifications to all its OneDrive users that the free 15 GB they are enjoying will be downgraded to 5 GB. According to the notice, the downgrade will start from July 27, 2016.

“We want to let you know about some upcoming changes to OneDrive. On July 27, 2016, the amount of storage that comes with OneDrive will change from 15 GB to 5 GB. We are also discontinuing the 15 GB camera roll bonus. You can learn more at our FAQ.

There is no action you need to take, because your OneDrive account is currently below the new storage limits. Even though you aren’t currently affected, we want to keep you updated on all important changes to OneDrive. If you’d like to check your account, you can visit the Storage page.

We realize these are big changes to a service you rely on. We want to apologize for any inconvenience they may cause you. We made a difficult decision, but it’s one that will let us sustainably operate OneDrive into the future.”

Cloud storage providers such as Microsoft (OneDrive), Google (Google Drive), Dropbox and Box have been undercutting themselves to get a good pie of the market.

Google still maintains its 15 GB to free account holders on Google Drive. Dropbox a popular cloud storage gives 2 GB free to all basic account holders. Microsoft’s OneDrive storage downgrade might be a move to get more people on paid subscription and improve its margin in a very hotly contested cloud storage market.

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