NBS Releases Mobile Apps for Nigeria’s National Data


The National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, Nigeria’s official source for government data, has shipped a mobile app that would allow anyone to access its datasets for free.

The app is named – Nigeria Data Monitor. It is available for all iOS and Android users. Because the agency might not put marketing budget to push the app, the download rate is expected to grow slowly. Nigeria Data Monitor will give users access to critical economic and social data such as inflation, crop production statistics, national household expenditures, poverty index and government expenditure.

Nigeria Data Monitor
Screenshots of Nigeria Data Monitor. Source: Google Play Store

Since it was released on the Google Play Store on the 8th of April, 2016, the app only has about 100-500 estimated downloads. iStore does not state number of downloads, so it will be difficult to ascertain.

The NBS, has been reformed over the years to adopting technology and digital media in making information freely available to Nigerians. Its website has been very active to deliver up to date national data.

Unlike the Lagos state government ‘pay walling’ its state laws, NBS has not pay walled Nigeria Data Monitor and it might remain like that forever.

Featured image: energymixreport.com

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