Stephen Curry Becomes NBA’s All Time Pointer

Stephen Curry is now NBA’s all time three-pointer after reaching his 400th three points on Wednesday in Golden State Warriors final game of the season against the Memphis Grizzlies.

About a month ago, he became the first player to 300, and on February 27, he broke his own record of 286 (set last season).

How he is able to accomplish this feat, he alone can tell. By the way, it was widely rumoured at some point that Nike refused to improve Curry’s shoe deal because the company didn’t believe in the player’s popularity. Some also said he requested that his best Bible verse Philippians 4:13 (“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”) plated along with his signature but Nike refused.

The player wore Nike shoes in the first four years of his career when he was drafted into the Warriors in 2009. Then came the opportunity for Nike to cash in, but Nike offered $2.5m while another company Under Armour which supposedly believed in the players prowess and future agreed a deal worth $4m.

Thanks to the Stephen Curry endorsement, Under Armour’s shoe sales soared. In 2015, Under Armour re-signed Curry, but this time he was given a lot more than USD 4 million. He received an equity stake of the USD 7.5 billion company, which will likely make the deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars, ESPN reported.

Curry has also shown that his repeated ankle injury cannot stop him from achieving great feats. His story can therefore be likened to the rejected stone that became the chief corner stone. Oh! That’s another Bible verse, It is all based on believe.

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