Google Ups Its AI Game, Releases TensorFlow 0.8 To The Public

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The battle of artificial intelligence. AI, is on. Google [NASDAQ: GOOG] is taking the fight from its private labs to the larger world.

Google has released all TensorFlow 0.8. Tensor Flow is open source AI machine. Google has been using the mechanics behind TensorFlow for some of its flagship products such as Google Translate and Google Photos.

In simple terms, TensorFlow software use deep learning techniques to teach a computer how to process data in a way similar to how the human brain works. Google released the first version of the code in 2015 but users have been asking for a faster and easy way to use the TensorFlow machine. They require that TensorFlow can use a distributed network of computers (neural networks) to process information instead of a single machine at a time. So in other words, the computer can then think faster and perhaps smarter than a human being as it is literally using multiple brains to process information.

In case you are wondering why Google is taking this lofty part, it is for the good of the company’s most sophisticated products in speech, facial, mood and deeper language recognition and understanding. Do you remember or still experience how awkward some Google Translate’s translations can be very awkwardly wrong? Google is trying to make sure its AI machines powering Translate, Search and Photo products are working similar to how a human being would have translated images, sound and conversation correctly without mixing things up.

TensorFlow is Google’s AI Machine. Source:

An upbeat Sundar Pichai, Google’s Chief Executive Officer, said TensorFlow 5 times faster that DistBelief, its predecessor. Google is betting big on its deep learning product. Major developers are able to develop apps in a way that has never been possible using a neural network like TensorFlow, the apps become faster, intelligent with better user experience.

Google and Microsoft [NASDAQ:MSFT]  are at the forefront of taking major positions in the artificial intelligence market. Last month, Microsoft launched Tay, its AI powered chat bot on Twitter. Although Tay went rogue when it learned racial slurs and hate speech with humans it was interacting with on the micro blog, but the mere fact that it can actually communicate with humans, is a major feat that would make Google and other competitors in AI to continue pushing till they get it right.

However, Google is not giving away the data that makes TensorFlow perform the magic, it is only making open Tensorflow, the software/machine. The real proprietary data that make Google more powerful than any other developer or AI startup is kept secret. Why is Google  doing that? This is because it is the data that is fed into the computer to teach it how to behave. This is the real competitive edge.

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