Verizon Workers Walk Off The Job In Droves

Approximately 36, 000 Verizon Communications Inc. [NYSE: VZ] workers on the East Coast of the United State worked to the rule on Wednesday after a proposed new labour agreement met a dead end.

The strike is one of the largest in recent years after 45, 000 Verizon workers walked off the job in 2011.

Citing fair contract and the company’s attempt at outsourcing jobs, the workers resolved to picket several Verizon facilities.

Report has it that workers’ contract expired in August, and Verizon management has yet to negotiate satisfactory terms.

In a statement from Verizon, Isaac Collazo, a technician and CWA member from Brooklyn who has worked at Verizon for 19 years, said, “Our families and our customers deserve more from Verizon. Through our hard work, Verizon is making record profits while our families are left with threats to our jobs and our customers aren’t getting the service they need. Striking is a hardship for our families, but we need to remind Verizon executives that the people who build their profits are a critical reason for the company’s success.”

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It is not clear when the strike will be called off. However, during the 2011 industrial action, Verizon customers complained of going without internet service and cable television for two weeks or longer.

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