Facebook Comes Back With Cloud Storage And Video Chats for Messenger


Facebook Inc. [NASDAQ: FB] at its F8 Conference yesterday, it appears to be betting big on cloud storage and improved video chat features for Messenger, its messaging app.

The company has excited its $1 billion user base by infusing cloud storage in its features. Henceforth, Messenger users can now send files to their friends while chatting using the more button.

So instead of Facebook jam-packing its servers with files and pictures shared by Messenger users, the app will just be linking to their Dropbox folders on their phones and laptops. It is expected that

The second of the major feature is app’s video capabilities. For so long, Facebook has not gotten a edge in video chat. Skype and Google Hangout it major competitors are doing far better than Messenger in video chats.What Facebook has done with its video chat is to make it work seamlessly with floating chat circles now working for video chats just like the text chat.

Facebook’s 1 billion strong user base would boost Dropbox’s growth. The company’s partnership with Facebook would as well give it an edge in the low margin cloud storage market. Google with its Drive is already making itself a defacto storage for all GMail, Hangout users with a very low pricing of less than NGN7 000 only for a full year storage and 100 gigabyte space.

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