Google Launches New Cloud Computing Platform

To set the tone that the fight to control the cloud engine business is on, Google just released a new version of its Google Cloud Platform, GCP. Cloud computing allows business, corporations and developers to use computing services, software and infrastructure without owning it, installing or hosting the service.

The new platform is promised to power the fastest, most scalable and intelligent cloud apps, software and websites than ever before. In a an official newsletter from GCP, Google said “GCP combines access to innovation with the speed, security, and stability that customers like Coca-Cola, Snapchat, and Spotify rely on today”

To wet the appetite of developers and cloud users, these are the following features of the new GCP:

google Cloud
Source: Google Cloud Platform

But just as the proposition has always been, Google is still promising developers to be able to build “fast, scalable machine learning models”. In essence developers can now do much more “Google Cloud Machine Learning lets you build apps that can see, hear, and interact with the world around them. Use models like Cloud Vision API,Speech API, and Translate API—or train your own—and harness the analytical power of our Cloud Data platform to create apps that grow smarter with use.

Google’s still recognised its competition Amazon Web Services, AWS, as its Stackdriver “provides a unified view of the health, performance, and availability of your cloud-powered applications. Stackdriver combines metrics, logs, error reporting, and diagnostics from GCP and AWS to enable you to find and fix issues faster. New integrations add security, event management, and compliance reporting.”

The global cloud market is perhaps the fastest growing with Amazon, AWS as the market leader, Microsoft and Google are locking horns to become the leader in cloud storage, app engine and hosting.

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