Good News: All WordPress Sites Will Now Have HTTPS Encryption

Good news for for fans and users of WordPress. This popular blogging and publishing platform now supports HTTPS encryption for all blogs and self hosted sites on the platform.

Before now, only blogs under the WordPress domains gets the ‘https’ encryption. This feature protects data of a site’s users from getting into the hands of hackers and Internet criminals who can use it for malicious purposes. All WordPress users will get a secure socket layer, SSL, ceritificates without pushing a button.

WordPress has made the change automatic so all WordPress sites gets it automatically. Apart from its security features, sites with HTTPS in their url gets higher ranking compared to those without.


WordPress is the world’s leading blogging and publishing platform powering over 70 million sites. About 50% of these sites are hosted free under the ‘’. About 18% of other sites are self-hosted sites that are using the WordPress platform for premium and more robust publishing.

Full disclosure PageOne runs on WordPress

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