Ntel Launches, To Dash First 100,000 Customers Free Calls For A Year

The much awaited launch of Ntel is here. Ntel has unveiled its website where it hopes to get first sets of customers on its network. On the website, Customers can now reserve their numbers. A similar strategy adopted by Etisalat when it launched in 2008, with the “0809uchoose” campaign.

According to a statement written by Kamar Abass, Ntel’s CEO, “I am delighted to be writing to you, on behalf of the staff and directors of NatCom, with the news that, today, this eighth day of April 2016, we start commercial sales of Voice-over-LTE and high-speed Internet Access services, on our newly commissioned 4G/LTE-Advanced network. Our very earliest customers will be able to buy and use these services in clusters, in Lagos and Abuja, from sales outlets and agents featuring our bright, new brand name: ntel.”

Source: Ntel

To entice customers, Ntel is coming with a big motivation “For customers who join ntel, having reserved a number, there is an exciting, additional benefit in store: free On-Net voice calls for One Year! Do hurry though: this “early-bird” offer is only available to the first 100,000 Pioneers who SIM-activate, in April 2016, after having previously reserved a number.”

Ntel is a new company that took over the assets of the defunct Nigerian Telecommunications Ltd, NITEL. The company plans to raise $1 billion from investors to launch its broadband services. The company hopes to implement its plan by the year 2020.
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