Sliide Airtime Rewards App Users With Airtime And Cool Contents

While there seems to be a fixation with eCommerce, some other folks are thinking of how they can diversify the Nigerian tech startup community.

Sliide Airtime, an app that delivers target relevant, but well curated contents to its users has launched itself into the Nigerian digital marketing space. Basically, Sliide is downloaded by a smart phone user, who picks s/he’s content interest. The app then delivers news, entertainment content to the home screen of the user’s phone.

The advertising potentials of Sliide is also what makes it tick. Brands can reward Sliide users with airtime for engaging with their content, answering surveys and performing determined task that add value to their brands.

Sliide App2
Source: Sliide Airtime Ad Kit

According to its marketing kit, the Sliide ads, its major revenue stream “ads appear as the first impression on our subscribers’ mobile phone. Sliide Airtime ads are not just about views, they are about great mobile ads, made for your consumers’ phone, that are 100% viewable.” With a CPM as low as NGN300 and a premium Lock Screen MPU just for NGN1500 per CPM, the app should get the attention and seriousness of  the digital marketing community.

Sliide App1
Source: Sliide Airtime Ad Kit

Sliide Airtime is currently prepping up to partner with agencies, Matt Miller, Partnerships Manager (EMEA), told PageOne via email that “since launching 10 days ago, we have grown far quicker than we thought and are now in a position where we need to turn our attention to building partnerships with media agencies”. The company will be gearing to scale up its downloads to get more ad inventory for advertisers to pay for impressions.

Sliide Airtime App is currently available on Google Play store for all Android smart phone users.


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