Huawei Challenges Top-End Phone Market, Introduces P9 And P9 Plus

Huawei, a rising Chinese smartphone maker has offered its newest smartphones to the market; 5.2in P9 and 5.5in P9 Plus. In partnership with German camera company Leica, Huawei designed and developed the cameras, one of which shoots in full colour, while the other is monochrome.

Both lenses lie flush with the body of the handset, allowing Huawei to take the opportunity to point out the slightly protruding lenses of both Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 6s Plus.

The P9 comes in six shades; dark grey, silver, gold and rose gold (much like Apple’s current colour scheme), what Huawei calls ‘haze gold’ and white.



Huawei is currently the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer behind Samsung and Apple, and is surpassed in China only by Apple.

Samsung continued its lead in 2015 with more than 320m smartphones sold and 22.5% of the market, with Apple second with just under 226m sales and 15.9% – more than double Huawei’s sales.



Huawei hopes that the P9 and P9 Plus will be available on 16 April for €599 (£485) and the larger shortly after for €749, will surpass the 5m sales of last year’s P8.

Henry Cavill, Batman vs Superman actor is a brand embassador for the P9. He was present during the launch event in London.


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