After Raising $15 Million Mashable Cuts Staff, Restructures

One of the leading lights in the tech news and Internet journalism community, Mashable, has announced mass layoffs even after the company just raised $15 million from Turner Broadcasting. Turner Broadcasting was acquired by Time Warner [TWX:US]

As part of  its decision to further refocus itself, Mashable will be doing away with politics and its coverage of global news. This led the company to let go of about 30 people in total.

With a heavy heart, Pete Cashmore, Founder Mashable announced on his LinkedIn profile that “Last week we announced a funding round to put Mashable on
 more platforms, including television. This new focus means we have to
 change the way our teams are organized, and involved some very tough
 decisions. While such decisions are part of running a business, they are never easy. Change can often be hard, but we’re certain this is the right direction for Mashable.”.


The new direction for the company is live streaming and TV and its main contents of focus “We’ll spend more time focusing on 
our core coverage — technology, web culture, science, social media,
 entertainment, business and lifestyle, all told through the digital 

Pete Cashmore, CEO, Mashable. Source:

It is quite surprising that Mashable had for a long time included politics and hard news as one of its focus even when the company tries to take on tech news-focused rivals such as TechCrunch and Wired Magazine.

We look forward to seeing how Mashable would implement its new strategy.

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