#PanamaPapers: Here Is How To Access the Leaks

Kola Aluko

Header image source: BBC

The damning leaks of the Panama papers has turned millions of curious people to Googlers. Many people are anxious to have access to the document dump. But there is a downside.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists who syndicated the leaks to over 100 media organisations are still sitting on the treasure trove of documents. The cache of leaks is still not available for search and download.

Screenshot of some of the top leaders in the leak. Source: ICIJ

In the mean time, you can have access to a browse list where you can typically look up names of presidents, ministers and government officials to know what allegations the leaks has on them. Click here to go to the browse list- Panama Papers’ Browse List. Here you can search through names of over 140 politicians, presidents and their associates.You can search by countries and names.

James Ibori’s Summary of Leaks, Convicted and in Jail in the UK. Source: ICIJ

The ICIJ did a good job by cartooning the likeness of the individuals for easy recognitioIn. In the screenshot we attached, these are top names from Africa, they are politicians, government officials and their associates. James Ibori, a convicted former Governor is conspicuous in the list. If you click on each cartoon image, you will be directed to a summary of the incriminating evidence against the individual and related documents.

ibori papers
One of Ibori’s Leaked Documents. Source: ICIJ

The document as a whole is about  2.6 terabytes, and might not be released for some strategic and legal reasons. Not all names and companies in those documents are involved in crimes and illegalities. Moreover, releasing the entire document would be too overwhelming for the global news streams and for any sensible traction and impact to be achieved, the release must be properly timed.

Till the entire dump is released, PageOne will continue to keep you up to speed.

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