Just So You Know – Nigeria Police Recruitment Website is Dead

After it touted its 10,000 men recruitment, Nigeria Police might have bitten more than it can chew. Its website has since crashed just some hours after the much awaited online recruitment started.

We had reported that the 10,000 men and women would be recruited into two categories of Cadet Inspectors, Police Constables and Cadet ASPs. The exercise started on 1st of April, but trouble started when the site vanished into the thin air displaying a DNS error.

Solomon Arase
Solomon Arase, IGP, Nigeria Police

The only logical scenario that could have played out is perhaps a network overload. The site’s bandwidth and storage might not have been planned for the deluge of traffic that entered the stream. With a huge unemployment rate of 20% and massive layoffs here and there, the news of a mass recruitment exercise has gone far and wide. The crashing of the site is not excusable for this narrative but it is very instructive that unemployment is a big monster and a national embarrassment for Nigeria.

Crashed site
Screenshot of crashed Police Recruitment site. Taken at 2.25pm, Nigerian time.

It is also good for the Nigeria Police to have a plan B. Even with proper planning, things can still go haywire. In 2013, President Obama and his team came under fire and public opprobrium when his Obamacare’s Health.gov site was crashing and stalling on anxious American’s who wanted to register for a health insurance policy for the first time. The site was said to have received about 12 million unique visitors in less than a week. It took weeks before a cracking team of network and database engineers were put together to save Obama from the embarrassment of a failed website.

What can also be suspected is that the contract might not have been given to the right partner who can create and pick a robust hosting/database for the site. With the bureaucratic nature of Nigeria’s public service, it is easy to put square pegs in round holes.

However if you are one of the applicants, here is the link to the site, you can keep trying till it responds- http://www.ngf.gov.ng/



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