#BatmanVsSuperman is a Killer

Yes! So last week I quickly scribbled a news report that #BatmanVsSuperman, a movie I nicknamed after Turkish Airlines’ commercial ‘GothamVsMetropolis’ broke a box office record.

Source: idigitaltimes.com

Until the record is broken by another blockbuster, #BatmanVsSuperman has recorded the largest overseas (outside of the US) box office grossing of $242 million, the highest on a premiere day.

So I did watch the film during the week and I have an interesting take. My judgement is that the film blew me away. And it went a long way to meet three of my criteria viz: story line, authenticity and the use of technology to portray both.

Source: wegotthiscovered.com

So to make my argument simple and easy to counter, I have three reasons the film is a masterstroke.

1. As opposed to typical science-fiction films, #BatmanVsSuperman did not waste my time with unnecessary stunts and freaky CGIs. The story behind the film was properly laid out at the the beginning and it evolved as you go deeper. While the position of Superman was confusing at the start, it did make a lot of sense with the use of suspense.

. 2. The film has a different twist from what I saw in the trailer. I expected the conflict between #BatmanVsSuperman to be the central focus of the film. So from a script writing position, the producers did a good job to deflect the attention of the audience into the smallest bit of the bigger picture.

Batman Close Shot: movieweb.com

3. Very mature CGI. I have watched many comic films and I can confess, this is very much different. The effects were not over-stressed but used in a fluid way that makes it very much part of the story. It is exactly an opposite of Iron Man. So I ended up appreciating the story and final effort and not just the animations and effects.

My Rating:
For its originality, I will score #BatmanVsSuperman a 7 on a scale of 1-10. The film is a must watch for lovers of good story telling. However, it portrayed Africa in a stereotypical manner, even the African scene is unnecessary because it has little or no significance to the film. That is why it will not get an 8 from me. However, the film is superb.

Producer: Charles Roven

Released Date: March 27, 2016

Budget: $250 million


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