Here is our Best April Fools’ Prank

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While Google played a big prank with GMail that backfired and Virgin Australia’s Kids Class video that deceived kids and parents; this year’s April Fools Day had series of pranks that will be talked about for a long time to come.

At PageOne, we carefully selected the best of them all and we call it- ‘Trump Fools’, a video prank you will love to watch over and over.

Imagine if the Republican Presidential aspirant, Donald Trump was not really serious about the whole journey. In an April Fools stunt by Jimmy Kimmel on his TV show, using a carefully edited scenes of Trump’s rallies, the impersonator  said “I will tell you this, and I can say it with certainty, I had no idea it would go this far”‘. The prank video ended with Donald Trump telling his supporters to vote for ‘vote for my friend Hillary Clinton and make America great again’

For originality, high level of relevance with the times we are in, PageOne is choosing Kimmel’s ‘Trump Fools’ video as the best April Fools’ stunt for this year.

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