You Are Guilty! Court Indicts Zuma for Missusing Public Funds


More troubles might be on the way for President Jacob Zuma of South Africa. After a protracted battle, South Africa’s Supreme Court has found him guilty of not refunding public funds he used to renovate his Nkandla country home.

According to the ruling, the treasury unit of the country must decide within 60 days how much Zuma will refund to the national coffers. Zuma came under intense criticisms after he was accused of using about NGN 4.5 billion ($23 million) to renovate his personal residence.

About two weeks ago, Zuma came under fire from the country’s opposition members of parliament as he was accused of been teleguided by the Guptas, a wealthy South Africa family with vast business empire in construction, IT and Media.

South Africa has witnessed high level of protests and unrest due to economic pressures caused by the dwindling fortunes of the countries mining industry.

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