Who in the World Helped FBI Hack ‘Bernadino’ iPhone?

It is no longer news that almighty tech giant, Apple has lost its impregnability. Yes! PageOne reported on Tuesday that the FBI has single-handedly unlocked the controversial ‘Bernadino’ iPhone. But no one is buying the story that the FBI and its personnel unlocked the contentious device.

According to report and people with the knowledge of the matter, the FBI contracted the ‘hacking’ to a popular but unknown IT security firm to create the code that eventually cracked the phone open. Sources described the firm as an influential establishment working for many governments and corporations on high level IT security matters.

In a show of triumph over Apple’s humiliation of its hallowed name, the FBI has started unlocking iPhones and other Apple devices for other states who needs their service to solve murder cases and other criminal investigations. Hacker News claimed Cellebrite, an Israel-based company is behind the hacking of iPhone.

Sources went ahead to describe the owner as an Israeli national with strong influence in international circles. However, what is unclear is the fact that the company came very handy and did the ‘hatchet’ job for the FBI in a very a short period of time. There are many questions that analysts are asking viz:

For how long has this Israeli-owned company been privately and or covertly unlocking iPhones and other highly encrypted devices for the FBI and other governments?

Is it possible the company sells such advanced codes and tools to repressive government around the world?

What is clear in this episode is that, Apple has lost its innocence and a bad damage has been done to the brand’s integrity.

image Credit: Voanews.com

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