Nigeria to Get $600 Million in ODA from America

John kerry

As opposed to narratives that Nigeria will not receive significant assistance from the America as a result of its laws on sexuality, it turns out that Nigeria’s government will be getting a whooping $600 million (1.8% of its $30 billion 2016 budget) in overseas development aid, ODA, from the United States of America this year.

According the US Secretary of state, John Kerry, aid will be spent across defence, social welfare and economic development. Our development assistance this year will top $600 million, and we are working closely with your leaders – the leaders of your health ministry – to halt the misery that is spread by HIV/AIDS, by malaria, and by tuberculosis.

“Our Power Africa Initiative is aimed at strengthening the energy sector, where shortage in electricity has frustrated the population and impeded growth. And our long-term food security programme, ‘Feed the Future’, is helping to create more efficient agriculture and to raise rural incomes in doing that. Our Young African Leaders Programme, in which many Nigerians participate, is preparing the next generation to take the reins of responsibility. In education, we are working together to try to fight illiteracy, especially in the country’s north, where the lack of opportunity has been holding people back, and where the terrorist organisation, Boko Haram, has murdered thousands and disrupted the lives of millions.”

He however, commended President Buhari’s war on Boko Haram saying “Under President Buhari, Nigeria has been taking the fight to Boko Haram and it has reduced Boko Haram’s capacity to launch full-scale attacks”

America is the largest donor of aid to Nigeria. Egypt is the second receiver of American aid after Israel.

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