Game Over for Apple? FBI Now Unlocks iPhone for Free

Less than four days after Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI publicly announced that it has unlocked the ‘Bernadino’ iPhone, the agency is now unlocking iPhones for other law enforcement agencies.

Media reports now have it that the FBI has offered to unlock an iPhone and iPod for a public prosecutor in Arkansas, Texas. Not exactly similar to the Bernadino terror case, TechCrunch said ‘the case is the alleged murder of a couple by two teenagers, and the prosecution on Tuesday received a postponement to the trial in order to request help in unlocking the iPhone and iPod’.

The FBI is said to have agreed to unlock the devices two days after the request were made to them. This follow up development might damage Apple’s image, brand equity and wreck havoc on the sales of its iPhone SE and iPad Air 3 billed to be shipped in early May of this year.

Industry watchers await Apple’s reaction. Will they be suing the FBI for any sort of violation and or damage to their business? PageOne will keep you posted.


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