Brooches Make a Comeback

People ask what is it about brooches that has got ladies tripping? I say it’s everything about it!

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Growing up we hated brooches and saw it as a dowdy ornament that should remain on our mothers and grandmas or hidden in their jewelry boxes.

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As an 80s child, I hated it when my mum made me wear one of her brooches as fasteners to church, I would often times wait for her to turn around and then take them off my pretty dresses and cardigans not forgetting to put them back on after church.

Today brooches are the ‘in  thing’ in fashion. A brooch is a way to individualize your style and to say “Hey this is who I am”. It is an excellent way to accessorize yourself and to add that final touch that will complete your look.

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Ladies are going from a very messy, “unpulled” together look that was much too casual, into a period of more elegant looks, even teens are getting in on the trend. When it’s time to be all glamorous, we look for a designer dress, an exquisite handbag, a knockout clutch, a hot pair of heels or beautiful jewellery.


But besides the regular accessories like necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, let’s not forget the often overlooked brooch or pin, which can spice up any look from classic to contemporary.

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A brooch is like a magic touch from a fairy godmother, it can either make you look stylish or foolish. Make it too large and people won’t notice your face, make it too small and people won’t notice any difference if you didn’t have one. Put a heavy brooch on a thin dress and you are asking for unattractive saggy creases, put an elaborate and colourful –too-much brooch on a formal dress and you will attract unwelcome attention.


Most people like to wear brooches as a fashion accessory that keeps them with the fashion trend or just to make their outfit more appealing. One thing is for sure – a brooch will make you stand out. It is however important to make the right choice in picking your brooches and adapting creative ways to wear them.


Ways to wear a brooch

-Wear it high on the lapel of your jacket- however traditional, it is the most versatile place you can drop any piece of brooch.

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-Collar of shirt: Unique and chic!

-As a hair piece: Very creative way,try fixing a brooch on your hair band.

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-On a plain dress, blouse or hat: This turns an all simple to all Chic!


-As a purse or handbag ornament: Do you have a plain bag that looks dull?  Be creative,add a floral or abstract  piece to the corner or centre of purse to give it a glam look


– As a pendant: looking for that obvious and unique pendant, try using your brooch.


Few Dos and Donts of wearing and choosing brooches

1. Look for designs and shapes that compliment your style. Don’t force yourself to wear something you are not comfortable with

2. Ask for a friend’s advice or consult a stylist if you are completely lost for choice of your jewellry. Don’t disregard the impact you could make by choosing the right brooch

3. Create and recreate your own style

Don’t blindly follow the latest trend

4. Experiment with your old brooches, you might rediscover them if you wear them in new and unusual ways

Don’t be afraid to add new brooches to your collection and give old ones away.

Now that you know the different ways to wear a brooch, the Dos and Donts, Don’t be left out on the trend, go shopping, and get yourself some brooches at Divas Glitter.


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