Watch Gods of Egypt, but Don’t be Dissappointed

  1. If you are a lover of fantasy and science fiction films like me, you might agree with the frustrations and disappointment am about to express about the film ‘Gods of Egypt’.

Apart from the fact that I was tired the day I watched it at the cinemas, the film worsened my case. Gods of Egypt was just an overtly-exaggerated CGI that did not really communicate beyond the fictional fairy tales about Ancient Egypt.

The film was in-between a special effect overkill and a run-off-the-mill Egyptian legend I was already used to. However, the script writers added a lot of spice to it that made several scenes a spectacle. The golden blood and body, the frequent transformation of Set and Horus during their various duels were mind-blowing and special effect guys at Lionsgate deserves kudos for that.

Before it was released, the film was criticised for many flaws. The cast were mostly whites, even when they know ancient Egyptians were blacks.It was not corrected because it was already done and dusted. I will even let that pass by. What makes a fantasy or science fiction thick for me is the story and how technology is used to relay the message. Christopeher Nolan’s Interstellar did a good job of this. Lords of the Rings also tried along the line.

However, the film did not really set itself apart from previous films on Egyptian gods and legends. So I will give Gods of Egypt, a score of five on a scale of 10.

Producer: Lionsgate

Released Date: February 25, 2016

Budget: $140 million

Box Office: $128.4 million as at 27.3.16

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