Starbucks CEO Takes a Jab at Lowbrow U.S. Campaign Rhetorics


Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO, has expressed concern over the crude bent the American political discourse has taken in recent times.

Speaking to CNN Money, Schultz said, “There should be a level of discourse that is respectful and we should be able to look at those people and say those are the kind of people we’d like our children to model behavior after.”

However, the Starbucks chief executive imagined more voter participation would elevate the quality of conversation and engagement across the U.S. political spectrum.

“I think you can count on Starbucks and me trying to elevate the national conversation on one specific subject — and that’s citizenship.”

“The entire country for 200 plus years has been built on participation. That’s what this is about,”Schultz added.

Schultz is known for speaking out on social and political issues like gun control, gay rights and making education affordable.

American 2016 presidential electoral campaign has seen its primary participants reduce rhetoric to a pedestrian low with Donald Trump leading the pack.

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