Konga Now Delivers Same Day in Lagos

*Rebrands K-Express to KOS ‘Keep on Shipping’

To ramp up its operations against competition, Konga, a leading eCommerce company in Nigeria, has decided to fulfill all orders from Lagos, South West Nigeria, on the same day.

To make this possible, Konga has done two things. It has rebranded its delivery business unit, K-Express to KOS, ‘Keep on Shipping’. It has also liberalised handling of orders fulfilled by KOS to include requests from other merchants.This is a move to enter full blown logistics and make KOS a totally independent business entity.

Yudala, a new comer had launched same day delivery for Lagos, but the company no longer harps on the ‘same day delivery’ message. This is perhaps a sign that the promise is a tall order for anyone, especialy when you do not have a logistics arm handy. Konga has just confirmed Shola Adekoya as its substantive CEO. These strategies are perhaps his initiatives to bolster Konga’s competitive capacity.


kos 2


To manage customers’ expectations, Konga was very specific on the terms.’When you order after 11AM, the item will be delivered to you on or before 12 noon the next day. This service is available from Monday through Saturday in Lagos metropolis’.

As a tough category, we might be seeing other players coming up with their ‘same day delivery’ promise for specific cities. Konga should preempt such move. However, on the logistics side of the business which Konga has entered fully, a handful of startups such as ACE logistics are in the game alongside global brands such as DHL, UPS, Fedex and many others. Adekoya must be ready, as that constituency would react through pricing, promotions, delivery time and other value propositions.

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