#BatmanVsSuperman Shatters Box Office Records

Yes! The battle of Gotham and Metropolis made it big. Batman Vs Superman has shattered records on its debut. As the last time I checked, the film has gotten $254 million in overseas box office and a total of $424.1 million worldwide.

I will be watching the film this week and I promise to write my review. As a science-fiction addict, I have three criteria:

*Story line


*Use of technology to portray one and two.

However, some film critics are already giving Batman Vs Superman negative reviews. Mashable called it a ‘mess you must watch’. Temisan Okomi, a Nigerian science fiction follower, said he slept off while watching the film yesterday. I hope I won’t.

All the same, congratulations to Charles Roven and the team.

Producer: Charles Roven

Released Date: March 27, 2016

Budget: $250 million

Box Office: $424.1 million as at 28.3.16

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