#Trending: Guardian UK Berates Nigeria’s Overcrowded Stadium

After the all-awaited football match between Nigeria’s Super Eagles and the Pharaohs of Egypt, spotlight have been shifted to other things that happened during the match.

News about kaduna on Twitter

Currently trending on Twitter are images of an overcrowded stadium in Kaduna. As reported by the Guardian of UK, ‘Disaster avoided as 40,000 cram into 15,000 capacity stadium during Nigeria Vs Egypt match’. Many tweeps have been taking a swipe at the organisers and the Kaduna state government.

However, there conflicting claims on the capacity of the stadium. While Guardian quoted 15,000 in its Twitter posts, it claimed 16,000 on its website. Other sources quote 20,000-25,000. What is clear is that the situation could have been averted if proper checks were put in place.

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