Today is a Big Day for Apple, Here is Why

As you are reading this report, Apple, the world’s second most valuable company after Google is unveiling new range of devices at its Cupertino conference.

Apple Loop

Rumoured to be the last Apple conference in the Townhall Theatre, Apple will be unveiling its new iPhone to be called iPhone SE. People with the knowledge of the matter claims the device will be smaller. We are also expecting a new upgrade to the IPad Air 2, it could be called iPad Air 3.

We reported last Saturday the expected features of the device. Customers might be paying more to get the new device because of Apple’s new direction of giving the iPad, a life of its own.

Apple might also be using the event to speak more on its legal tussle with the FBI on unlocking the mobile phone of terror suspect.

We will keep you posted as events unfold.

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