No Longer At Ease: Zuma Might be Gutted by his Guptas’ Links


In a dramatic turn of events, President Jacob Zuma of South Africa might be dancing on the precipice of either an impending impeachment plot and or a fractured African National Congress, ANC.

While the Genesis of his travails might be remotely linked to the series of corruption allegations leveled against him, particularly his use of N4.5 billion ($23 million) to refurbish his Nkandla country home; the recent allegation that Zuma himself might have been puppeteered by a seemingly powerful Gupta family is instructive of many more troubles to come for him.

The public confession of the Deputy Finance Minister Mcebesi Jonas, who alleged that he was offered the position by the Guptas, has once again put Zuma in the line of fire. His blatant denial at the parliament last Thursday, was seen as a superficial attempt to evade such weighty allegations.

While it is public knowledge that the Gupta and Zuma families have been long time friends and business associates, revelations that their influence might interfere with critical decisions that have far reaching economic and national security implications is the source of concern for genuine opposition within South African polity and economic circles.

Empathising with his critics, South Africa’s economy is currently in shambles. A country with little or no challenge with power supply for nearly two decades, now struggle to keep the light on for 24 hours without strict rationing. While Zuma cannot be crucified for all the woes befalling its mining and tax dependent economy, his series of flops in providing strong leadership, consistent economic blueprint and his soiled reputations for financial mismanagement makes it unpardonable.

His actions and inaction have exposed the wide schism in his ruling ANC party. Can Zuma make restitution for his pile of misdemeanour, only time will tell.

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