A New iPad is Coming, It Will Be Smaller

Apple is rumoured to be planning the launch of another iPad. This time around, it will be different. According to people with the knowledge of the matter, there is a high probability that the new iPad will be smaller, nimble but faster.

The not-too-positive sales outlook of the gigantic iPad Pro launched last year (sales is down by close to 25% year-on-year) could be behind this new strategy.

Apple seeks to give the iPad a life of its own. As opposed to its earlier approach of making the iPad a bigger version of the iPhone, the company plans to create a separate ecosystem for the iPad with a separate OS- iOS 9.

The iPad Pro did not do well as expected

However, you might be paying more for the iPad devices because Apple plans to bet big on these devices as the future of computers. Tecno Mobile and Samsung are already looking at this route as well. Will the future of computers become a hybrid of PC and smart phone capabilities? Apple will be hoping this becomes a reality. The new iPad and its iPad Pro marks its journey into the future it hopes to lead.

Expected Key Features of the New iPad

  • No specific name at the moment
  • Minimum of 32G basic storage space
  • Long term evolution, LTE and up to 128G maximum storage
  • iPad Air 2 might remain, price not certain
  • Could be compatible with Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard.

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