Nigerian R&B Act, PSquare Split Saga Intensifies

The rivalry between Nigerian twin music and dance acts took a different turn with Peter Okoye breaking out and announcing a new record label, Mr P. Their breakup rumour can be traced as far back as 2003 in what has been brewing as sibling contention.

Peter, in his twitter hand, recently pointed the fingers on their manager and elder brother Jude as the cause of their speculated split while Paul appears to be pitching tent with Jude.

It can be recalled that May D, a Nigerian music act is the only outsider signed to the Square Record Label which lasted only about a year and managed by Jude including Synthia Morgan who is still with the label.

Asides the property business the siblings are into, it’s been noticed that the brothers have been doing businesses separately for about 2 years now. Also, Peter got two endorsement deals with Adidas and Olympic milk, among others.

In a recent phone conversation with NET correspondent, the first and former manager of the pop duo from 2001-200, Howie T suggested Jude should leave the picture for things to move smoothly explaining that siblings cannot move together for years without having discrepancies.

While some perceive the PSquare bad blood as means of getting attention, others think Jude should allow the business run professionally.

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