Backtracking: Nigeria’s MPs Plans to Consume 92% of its Budget

Despite its promise of change, financial prudence, transparency and accountability to the Nigerian people, Nigeria’s MPs, are reportedly budgeting about 92% of its annual budget of N115 billion (approximately $380 million) on recurrent expenditure.

Before making its budget available, (the first of its kind in the history of Nigeria’s parliament), Mr. Bukola, Saraki, the Senate President told Economist magazine’s editors during a private visit, his plan to make the budget available is ‘a change from impunity and elite arrogance to a life of accountability’. Saraki plans to make the legislature more open by introducing ‘e-parliament’.

With this proposed spend pattern, Nigeria’s lawmakers will be appropriating little or nothing to build and restructure its legislative institution that has come under public criticisms for inefficiency and detachment from the yearnings of millions of Nigerians they represent.

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