Shell releases report on Zeerijp earthquake

Shell releases report on Zeerijp earthquake

Shell has released its result on Zeerijp earthquake. The report was submitted to the State Supervision of Mines Supervisor (SSM) within 48 hours.

The report proposes measures for the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate to ultimately decide on in the context of safety, safety perception and other assessment frameworks. In addition to primary safety, the safety experience of the citizens of Groningen is central to this.

Gerald Schotman emphasized in various interviews to national and regional media that NAM is not concerned about the level of gas production. That is a decision that politics must take.

The report highlighted extra measures to be put in place. In view of current seismic developments, NAM states that it is technically sensible from the viewpoint of safety perception to take the following additional measures:

  • embedding three clusters located in the Loppersum region
  • embedding the Eemskanaal cluster
  • reducing the annual production of the Groningen gas field
  • embedding the production clusters Leermens and ‘t Zandt
  • Figures such as -10% or 12 bcm, which are in the media, are not recommended.


With the signing of the notarial deeds, NAM formally handed over the farms Occo Reintjesheerd in Stedum, De Haver in Onderdendam (photo) and Melkema in Huizinge to Het Groninger Landschap. In order to guarantee the maintenance and maintenance of these national monuments for the next 30 years, NAM has made an amount of over 3 million euros available.

The three national monuments have complex damage and were therefore purchased by NAM. Strengthening the buildings would currently affect the historical value of the monuments too much. NAM therefore decided to transfer the heritage and to retain it for the future.

Knowledge and expertise
NAM deliberately transferred the monuments to Het Groninger Landschap. This landscape organization has the knowledge and expertise to preserve monuments and give them a destination that fits the environment.

Monumental character
Meanwhile Het Groninger Landschap has begun work to secure the monuments for the future. The farms keep a residential destination, but in a way that this is not accompanied by a radical reinforcement operation.