Bitcoinflow scheme collapse? Company claims hackers made away with all investors’ Bitcoin

Bitcoinflow scheme collapse? Company claims hackers made away with all investors’ Bitcoin

There is a major shock to Bitcoinflow investors, a high yield investment scheme that promise investors 30% returns on investment in 30 days.

Not too long this evening, Bitcoinflow sent a mail to all its investors that hackers had taken away all the Bitcoin in their wallet. As scary it is, the scheme emphasized that the account has been emptied.

See the message below:

Dear Investors,

This email is to inform you of a recent security breach that has had an adverse effect on our platform. It is with deep regret that we announce to you that was rather unfortunately successfully hacked via the administrative end of the platform. We believe it was an inside job as our IT/Securities lead has gone AWOL and all the funds in the exchanges we have accounts with have been emptied. All attempts to pin him and his accomplices (if any) down have proved abortive. We have made reports and investigations are still ongoing.

We had been noticing unusual activities on the platform and this informed our decision to carry out an audit and also insure the investments being traded but we might have acted too late.

Some investors accounts have also been compromised. We noticed that several investors we had made payments to did not get their funds. We also had to disable the ‘Make deposit’ button to prevent further loss. Kindly change your password and your bitcoin wallet address on the platform so we can easily identify the compromised accounts as we continue our investigation.

It will be an understatement to say that we are heart broken about the situation considering the recent efforts put into making the platform more safe, robust and rewarding. We hereby plead with you to trust our commitment and promises to you and also exercise some patience as we try to remedy this deplorable situation.

Our immediate priority is to refund investors funds as fast as possible. Once that is completed, we will communicate to you our next course of action.

Bitcoinflow Team

It is not clear whether Bitcoinflow had just pulled one of the largest exit scams in recent times or it was genuinely hacked by a member of staff.

What is certain is that millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin has dissappeared. Investors of the scheme will be looking towards getting their monies back.