Why the fourth screen is disappearing?

Why the fourth screen is disappearing?

In media, we were used to four screens- TV, PC (the desktop computer or laptop), mobile phone and tablet. But right under our eyes, one of these screens is dying.

In case you are still guessing which one of them I am talking about, here is a clue. Have you noticed Apple’s deafening silence about tablets?

The company that pioneered smartphones with its iPhone range has since soft-pedalled on its iPad product line. Samsung has followed suit focusing more on its Galaxy smartphones.

The handwriting is glaring on the minds of the average consumer, tablets have gotten out of fashion and they could jolly-well become unnecessary as consumers’ habits towards smartphones become more mystical.

As at April this year, Apple, said it suffered a 13% year on year drop in the sales of its iPad to 8.9 million units. Samsung within the same period shipped 6 million units during the quarter. This is a 1.1% year-over-year decline. Amazon’s shipments fell by 1.8% to 2.2 million while Lenovo shipped 2.1 million units, a 3.8% decline.Virtually everybody in the business of tablets is biting their fingers.When Apple and Samsung saw it coming, they launched ‘lesser-tablets’ or what they called ‘Phablets’.

This strategy did not last more than three years before it became redundant. The truth is- tablets are now in their extinction phase and the next coming year might seal their fate. There is really no need to ask why this happened. It would amount to ‘crying more than the bereaved’.

Consumers have spoken with their pockets. Smartphones have taken the position of the fourth screen. What we need to learn from this is the fragile understanding we have about the average consumer and how our ‘data-driven’ and fool-proof strategies can become monumental blunders.