Nigerian oil workers’ union meets government before strike action

Nigerian oil workers’ union meets government before strike action

The Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN), a labour union, said it will be meeting with Nigeria’s labour officials as it prepares to down tools.

The planned strike action by PENGASSAN might disrupt oil production across the Niger Delta region should the government fail to meet demands of the union.

According to Lumumba Okugbawa, general secretary of the union, the union is expected to hold talks with the government without the involvement of some of the companies involved in the dispute.

The union is requesting for full reinstatement of dismissed oil workers in domestic and gas operation who were laid-off by ExxonMobil and some other oil majors.

The strike action might heighten the price rally further even as the Forties Pipeline closure has increase prices to USD65 per barrel in the last 24 hours.

Africa’s largest economy came under intense pressure since 2016 after global crude prices tanked by more than 70% leading a to a massive fall in revenue. Further disruptions to oil production would be costly to be allowed at a time when the oil price rally is favouring the country.