Samsung Nigeria reportedly lays off half of its workforce

Samsung Nigeria reportedly lays off half of its workforce

There are unconfirmed reports that Samsung Nigeria has laid off half of its local staff.

The information was picked up by’s team in a comment on the launch of Apple’s iPhone 8 and on, a local lifestyle blog.

See the comment below:

“If you like, launch it with a rocket launcher (referring to iPhone 8). If we don’t have money to buy, we don’t have money. I have it on good authority that Samsung Nigeria had to lay off over half their staff after Nigerians failed to sell their internal organs to buy the Galaxy S8. We’re in a recession bruh! Forget what Kemi Adeosun says. She hasn’t been to a market this year”.

The story is not yet confirmed and cannot confirm the authenticity of the story.

Samsung Nigeria recently launched its Samsung S8 premium phone in Nigeria alongside its global launch. There are no local data on how many units of the phones that have been sold in the country.

The release of Samsung’s highest mobile range is also coinciding with the sales kick-off of Apple’s iPhone X. will update you on the latest development on this matter.