Ghana Home Loans rebrands to GHL Bank

Ghana Home Loans rebrands to GHL Bank

Ghana Home Loans has been granted a license by the Bank of Ghana to operate as a Universal Bank.

As part of the granting of the license, the company’s name has changed from Ghana Home Loans PLC to GHL Bank Limited. This change brings about exciting great new opportunities to offer the best in world-class services as we have provided to our clients over the years.

Ghana Home Loans was incorporated in 2007 as mortgage finance institution which operated under Bank of Ghana supervision as a non-bank financial institution. The Company has dominated and transformed the home loans industry, systematically addressing the key systemic challenges that had hitherto rendered the mortgage product almost non-existent.

The current change in status to a universal bank heralds a new era in innovation and client service and we are looking forward to continuing our relationship with you under our new company name and our new banking status.

At present, the Company remains the only such institution that focuses exclusively on the provision of mortgage products.