Nigerian travel company, Plumville International raises fraud alert on a scammer

Nigerian travel company, Plumville International raises fraud alert on a scammer

Plumville International Limited, an international travel agent based in Lagos has raised a scam alert on one Ifadda Clement.

The company posted the alert on its website that one Ifada Clement or using the name Martin Adedeji has been impersonating the company while claiming he is an agent of the company in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. See the official statement below:

Dear Clients,

Our attention has been drawn to a fraudulent individual by the name of “Ifada Clement” (going with the Facebook name: “Martin Adedeji”, which he later changed to “Martin Clement Adedeji” (See screenshots below). So, he may possibly change his Facebook profile name again, once he discovers that he has been busted! CLICK HERE to view the current Facebook Profile being used by the scammer.

1st FB Profile of the Fraudster/Impersonator


2nd FB Profile of the Fraudster/Impersonator

The fraudster/scammer/impersonator, claims to be the Managing Director of Plumville Int’l Ltd, and he claims to live and work in Abuja, Nigeria. Please note that Plumville does NOT have any office, staff, or agent in Abuja at this time. So, please DO NOT deal with this individual or any of his alias, as their intention is to defraud you.

• A list of Our Offices, is found HERE
• A list of Our Authorized Agents, is found HERE
• Details of Our Management Team, is found HERE

Below is the information that we have been provided so far (by our loyal clients); which the scammer and his team have been using to perpetuate the fraud.

• The scammer’s phone numbers:
• +234.806.574.5496
 (This person claims to be “Martin Adedeji” & Truecaller search shows “Martin’s Adedeji Travel“).
• +234.905.875.3039 (This person gave one of the victims the name “Marcus Abby“, but Truecaller search shows “Asemota Osasbest Nicez 2”).
• +234.816.610.8732 (This person gave one of the victims the name “Marcus Abiola“, but Truecaller search shows “Ebelle Osas”).
* For all we know, those names may not be real names. *

• The scammer’s email: |

• The scammer’s Facebook Profile “Martin Adedeji”, which he later changed to “Martin Clement Adedeji”. Our review of the Facebook account indicates that it was created sometime in the month of March 2017, for the primary purpose to defraud people.
He posts information of travel agencies on his Facebook page, so that it appears genuine, and he then changes the legitimate phone number/email of those companies, to his personal one. He apparently works with a team of fraudsters, who post positive comments on his Facebook page, to make it look legitimate, with an intention to deceive the unsuspecting public.

 One of the victims who reported to us, stated that the scammer asked her to transfer money into an Ecobank (Nigeria) Account Number 0767120732. And, when she did the transfer, the name that popped up on the account was “Ifada Clement” and not “Martin Adedeji” (i.e. his Facebook name).
So, the victim seeing this as a red flag, asked him why that was the case. He gave her a flimsy explanation, and she went ahead to transfer the 1st payment. He later started demanding for a 2nd payment, and that was when the victim sensed that something was not right. So, she requested to meet with him in person at his ‘so-called’ Abuja office; and he never replied her Whatsapp messages afterwards. Keep in mind that before she asked to see him in person, and when he was requesting for payment from her, he was very prompt at replying her Whatsapp messages.

Below are some photos that are currently being shared on the Facebook page of the said Fraudster:

Fake travel agent
Fraudulent individual
This man is NOT the Managing Director
do not be a victim of fraud
Don’t be a Victim of Fraud
this is not a staff of plumville


 Plumville Int’l Ltd, its staff or authorized agents, will NEVER ask you to pay cash or pay money into any personal account. All monies from our client’s are expected to be paid into our business/corporate bank account with the account name “Plumville International Ltd”.

 When dealing with a staff of Plumville, all emails that you receive will be from our official email addresses that is stated HERE on our website. Our authorized agents may use their own personal email address, however when it comes to payment, they are NOT expected to tell you to pay cash or pay money into their personal bank account. All monies must be paid to Plumville’s Corporate Bank Account.

 When dealing with strangers (individual’s) via social media, first check the person’s profile to find out how old it is. Most scammer’s use a recently created social media account. In this case, the fraudster’s Facebook account was created less than 2 months ago.

* When it sounds too good to be true, it certainly is! This fraudulent individual promises his victims that he will provide them with ‘guaranteed visas’ to travel abroad, within a short time frame, after they make partial/full payment into his personal bank account.

P.S: Canada does NOT have any Visa Lottery; it is a hoax! The legitimate way to immigrate/relocate to Canada that is currently available, is through the Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) Express Entry Program. If a travel agent/consultant mentions any ‘bogus’ Canadian immigration program to you, and it sounds too good to be true; the first thing that you should do is to check Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Website (IRCC, formerly CIC). If the “so-called” immigration program is not stated on IRCC’s website, then it is a scam!