More losses loom as OneCoin drops IPO for ICO

More losses loom as OneCoin drops IPO for ICO

First it was an IPO which as supposed to happen in 2015, 2016, 2017; Now it is another bogus ICO (initial coin offering), a sign of another lie to from OneCoin to further perpetrate its scam.

It is yet another day another trouble for OneCoin investors. The scheme might be nearing its end as its much touted initial public offering might just be a ruse.

According to top OneCoin investors and affiliates, the scheme might instead be looking at an initial coin offering, ICO, a process when a cryptocurrency is being sold to early investors who can then sell the coins to subsequent buyers who want to use it as a means of payment or a store of value.

As to what caused the change of plan from IPO to ICO, well Muhammad Zafar, one of OneCoin’s top affiliate in the United Kingdom was reported to have made the claim.

According to him,

We had a head-office meeting today. Initially it was planned with Dr. Ruja.

For some reason she couldn’t travel back to Sofia. She was out of (the) country.

(The) ICO is gunna happen (in) October, 2018.

Why the company changed from IPO to ICO? That’s what you want to know.

Because ICO has been popular and company can’t ignore the fact that the company has to protect the interest of all the leaders – all the members.

If 3.2 million members are looking for the company to make the best decision for them, and if ICO is so popular that it is giving so much to not only company and members, so company had to change from IPO to ICO.

To buttress this incredible claim of a bogus IPO in the offing, Kari Wahlroos, a top affiliate of OneCoin in the United Kingdom supported the ICO claim while throwing shades at critics of OneCoin in a public post monitored on BehindMLM.

Dear all…

I will explain This weekend in London about the news, IPO, ICO etc and answer questions you might have after to all Leaders Ruby and above…

Then We do Big General event in Birmingham on Sunday for everyone…..

…just relax!! Dr Ruja has all planned out… and She has the ability to react the best interest to company (sic) in any given situation…. regardless of that… there is plenty of time to perfect all… keep working and make happy mondays … it always works the best…. work harder… less problems…

people who do not work but only worry and seek negativity… never succeeds … please join my trainings to get the full picture of success concept!

See you all in the trainings!

Even with the twist of the scam to opt for an ICO, this might not be possible in real terms because OneCoin is not a genuine digital currency but a Ponzi scheme where marketing packages are being sold in Euro to members who are then given Ponzi points disguised as a real digital currency.

Since it began gaining popularity, OneCoin has not listed on an accepted exchange to be publicly traded like Bitcoin, Ethereum or even Monero. Instead, Dr. Ruja Ignatova, founder of OneCoin has continued to shift the goal post as to when OneCoin will become publicly traded.

To save face, the scheme floated its own exchange called xCoinx. After much denial, the supposed exchange was exposed as a property of OneCoin.

While the IPO and now ICO narrative might be turning out to be a ruse, millions of Dollars (USD) are being fleeced from people. Millions of Chinese investors have just been given the biggest shocker of their lives. They would be locked out of the ICO even if it eventually happens. Chinese authorities announced last week through the People Bank of China, PBoC said it has put an end to all ICOs as they have become a tool for money launderers and financial criminals.

In case you are wondering why, well, Chinese authorities announced last week through the People Bank of China, PBoC said it has put an end to all ICOs as they have become a tool for money launderers and financial criminals.

The next couple of months until the end of 2017 will be very crucial in the lives of OneCoin investors. For many of them who dreamt of profiting after an IPO, their hopes have been dashed. The lie of an ICO will further give them some hope. In the end, another call off might further lead to the collapse of OneCoin as we know it.

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