Happy World Meal Gate Ponzi scheme deceptively associates with ‘Buy Nigeria’ campaign

Happy World Meal Gate Ponzi scheme deceptively associates with ‘Buy Nigeria’ campaign

When Happy World Meal Gates Ponzi scheme was disguised in charity baloney and ‘do good’ rhetorics common to such schemes, it was clear the founders understand the playbook.

In a recent post on its new section, the Ponzi scheme disguised as a poverty alleviation scheme through food distribution is trying to associate its operation and impact with the ‘Buy Nigeria’ campaign of the current government in Nigeria.

The ‘Buy Naija’ campaign is vibrantly gaining momentum. This campaign, a brain-child of the previous political dispensation has received added impetus from the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The ‘Buy Naija’ campaign aims at making locally produced goods more attractive and acceptable to the Nigerian populace.

As a responsible corporate citizen and firm believer in a self-sufficient economy, Happy World rather than considering a host of cheaper foreign alternatives, has rather opted for made in Nigeria products.

Africa’s numero uno empowerment company is actively committed to building the Nigerian economy, supporting domestic manufacturers; creating employment opportunities and most of all, reducing unnecessary demand for foreign currencies especially the dollar.

We make bold to say the vast majority of our food items are wholly and proudly made in Nigeria! This indeed is a feat and we’ll continually build on it.

It is on this premise, that we’ll further support hardworking indigenous companies to keep growing the economy and meeting the expansive consumption needs of Nigerians.

Happy World…Happy People!

As Nigeria’s recession came under way, it was imperative that Nigerians buy local; products so as to shore up the value of the Naira, the government was advised to enact policies that will make the government itself be a major consumer of local products. This is a socio-economic policy with political themes. Whether it has benefitted Nigeria as a country is left to be seen.

The desperate move by Happy World Meal Gate Ponzi scheme to harp on the campaign is therefore curious as there is n0 recognition given to the scheme by the Nigerian government nor any of the major foods companies it has impersonated using bogus claims of endorsements.

An analyst familiar with the operation of Ponzi schemes said the move is common to most6 schemes as part of  their survival and or recruitment strategy.

As a result of the aloofness of Nigeria’s central government from the nitty-gritty of schemes like these using their platform to gain popularity, Happy World Meal Gate might get away with it without getting a disclaimer on its head.