LostRib, a matchmaking platform for professionals goes live

LostRib, an online matchmaking site has recently launched (LostRib.com) in a bid to connect single professional men and women who want to start a relationship that will lead to marriage.

In an exclusive email statement issued by LostRib, the idea was borne out of the difficulty faced by working professionals in connecting with their desired choice with the aim of marriage. LostRib.com is an online matchmaking/ dating site strictly for professionals who want to get married – it has the traditional twist of having living, breathing human matchmakers, not just algorithms help make the match.

Traditionally it is either the man that makes the first move or a woman gets her friend (Alarena) to speak on her behalf as an intermediary so she does not appear desperate. If a woman makes the first move by herself he may think she is brave but bravery is not a quality most men seek out in women.

Online matchmaking sites like LostRib.com mirrors this tradition, so if a lady thinks a man suits her rather than just wait endlessly for him to notice her, she can reach out to her matchmaker – who then lets him know that he may have a match. He is then given her contact details to call her.

LostRib is a perfect metaphor of mashing up the old and new, retrofitting tried-and-true matchmaking methods for the digital dating age.

In the olden days especially in the Yoruba culture, the Matchmaker usually called Alarena was very popular in delivering love messages between matches. Times have not changed much; People still want “someone to help them navigate the social awkwardness of dating”.

LostRib has launched their beta site to test run what Nigerians want in a matchmaking /dating site. The input and insights from the clients on the beta site is currently being used to build the main site.

Despite online dating being new in Nigeria I decided to dive in. In my online questionnaire, I state that I’m looking for a kind and funny man and mention that I am a foodie and a lover of jazz music So LostRib get me my match? I received a call 3 days later from my personal matchmaker, Yessy, Viola!

A gentleman wants to meet me, he also loves jazz so she gave me his Mat ID to check him out and asked for my permission to give him my contact details. It’s almost felt like I was being set up by a family member/friend but I was concerned about his physical appearance since on LostRib.com, people meet by personality first, so pictures are the last thing you get to see. I was emailed his social media handle to check him out on Facebook apparently he had given her the permission to do this.

He looked like a gentleman but eh! you never can tell. I wanted to call him and find out for myself but Yessy explained that on LostRib.com – only men are sent contact details – the man makes the first move. I was curious as to why this was so? She explained that traditionally the man makes the first move and marriages where the man was the pursuer seems to stand the test of time.…. I found this intriguing so like a proper lady I agreed to be pursued.

He did call that evening and seemed like a real gentleman – we have agreed to meet over the weekend. So fingers crossed.
LostRib’s key questions to matchmaking:
1. What is your gender?
2. What gender are you attracted to?
3. What type of relationship are you looking for?
4. Where do you live?
5. How old are you?
6. What are your interests?
7. What is your occupation?
8. Describe your ideal partner.