Airbnb acquires scam fighting platform, Trooly

Airbnb acquires scam fighting platform, Trooly

To wade off fraudulent renters and listings on its platform, Airbnb said it will acquire Trooly Inc., a scam-fighting technology.

On the elementary level, Trooly works by analysing data from public sources, such as social media to background checks to fight off scammers.

Airbnb disclosed that it has been using Trooly’s service to authenticate user identities since 2015, but now the company is making its tech an integral part of the platform by purchasing its intellectual property and its engineering team.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Airbnb said it has having trouble controlling the presence of listings created by bad players posing as homeowners, as well as guests trying to bypass it and contacting hosts directly for almost a decade. Trooly tries to prevent both instances by analyzing data from any public record of the host or renter it can find, including social media and other sources.

According to Bloomberg, a spokesperson refused to talk about specifics when he confirmed the acquisition to Bloomberg, we hope this move leads to even fewer scams on the website in the future.

The acquisition of Trooly will further embolden its security and authenticity of listings on the Airbnb. The company has seen a resurgence of competition from hotel chains whose revenue are being impacted across markets where Airbnb I gaining traction.