Why you need to attend Hackgrowth with design

Why you need to attend Hackgrowth with design

On the 17th of JUne, 2017, some of the best user experience, UX, experts and enthusiasts will be attending Hackgrowth with design.

Hachkgrowth 2.0 is an event created to showcase how startups can leverage intuitive and data-driven design achitectecture gain huge traction.

Here are three compelling reasons why you need to be at the event:

The Keynote: Ernest Ojeh is passionate about simplifying people’s lives and has worked on projects like KongaPay and Proworks. He will deliver the event’s keynote on “using design to drive growth.

There will be free design sprint session: Aneke Chimdindu’s is an ex-Googler (now Andela Fellow). Many of you might remember him for his 100 days UI design series. He will be talking about design sprint sessions and offer 3 startups a FREE sprint session, post-event.

3. The Panels: Full with “dream team” of top designers in Nigeria including Aniekan (product manager for GTWorld), Kene Udeze (UX lead, ccHUB and cofounder of Usable) and several amazing superstars including the design ladies at NList, Flutterwave and DaDesign.

You can register for the event by clicking here

Hackgrowth 2.0 is organised by Wole Ogunlade, Founder of Spokentwice.