Legitreturn ponzi scheme comes with bogus promises

Legitreturn ponzi scheme comes with bogus promises

This is a 100% review on Legitreturn ponzi scheme promising an outrageous returns on investments. In fact, its proponents say within 2 weeks, members who make donations of about NGN8000 receive NGNG40,000 in return.

There is a school of thought that the reason why many are still involved in ponzi is just so they may recover all that have been lost in previous investments.

As for Legitreturn, upon registration, members are required to make a donation of USD40 (NGN8000),USD80 (NGN16,000) or USD120 (NGN24,000) depending on capability.  According to information available on its website: This will make you dynamic and be a full participant on legitreturn, please dependably take note that legitreturn is not a bank and a co-agent society but rather a group that tends to make our money related status additionally fascinating. when you enroll on legitreturn you will be required to make a gift to a member which will keep going for 2 days to do that (48 hours) in the event that you decline to make the donation inside the stipulated time,you will be consequently be kicked out of the system without notification.it is prudent to join legitreturn when you are prepared to donate.once again,please take note that we are not banks or co-agent social orders. this is a group that unite two people to help each other by giving what you have. do you believe with this system,you can be in a superior place in a brief time?

After registration and donation, member wait for a maximum of 14days while the system matches for payment. USD40 (NGN8,000),USD80 (NGN16,000),USD120 (NGN24,000) depending on the sum donated to others.

In a bid to prove its genuine intentions, legitretrun says members do not have to refer others before getting matched for payments as it has been observed overtime that many schemes request referrals to fast-track their returns. Please take note that on this system,you don’t have to bring individuals before you get paid,we source out individuals for you! – as available on the site.

Having carefully studied the program, it can be said that the legitreturn is a copycat of many other schemes out there with the same mode of operation. We have seen ponzi schemes shut down for obvious reasons, hence one can then say its days are numbered.

  • umeh Dorathy

    I made a donation #8000 on 10th March but never been merged. What is the cause??