Resolve wants to change how customers and businesses relate

Resolve wants to change how customers and businesses relate

Resolve, a CRM startup has just launched as the first technology-driven customer relationship management startup.

Many companies all over the world are confronted with the challenge of providing top-notch customer relationship management to their customers.

In Nigeria, many companies from blue chips to startups have been battling with this challenge. While many do not have a CRM architecture that ties in into their business model and cycle, address emerging demands of customers; many practically have none.

In this exclusive interview with Subomi Owo-Odusi, Founder and Chief Assistance Officer of,  he shared how his startup is using technology to deliver a symbiotic CRM solution to customers and businesses.

Why do Nigerian companies including blue chips find it hard to set up a strong customer relationship management architecture?

I personally don’t think they find it hard, I think the problem is there isn’t any organization that is able to provide the right type of structure in order to provide their desired impact. Don’t forget, the customer/client is the bedrock of that company and without them, they can’t function.

What is the most difficult aspect of customer relationship management to business people in Nigeria?

Majorly it is response times, both in initial contact and updates.  Leading to a need for clients to follow up continuously when naturally they should provide you feedback via email or phone calls.

What aspect of customer relations are you planning to focus on?

We handle the Enquires, Feedback and the Complaints. These 3 aspects are the bedrock of customers asks.

How do you plan to organise your team bearing in mind every clients have different needs and problems with their CRM? is a customer focused company and knowing that their asks or needs fall around the 3 aspects mentioned above, our solution already helps us with organizing.

How different is your service to CRM outsourcing that many companies are already used to?

I’d tell you about the two sides to resolve. We have which is for the consumers and we have Resolve For Business ( which is our support solution for businesses.

The difference here is, we assist and support, we don’t take over. This in form, allows us perform alongside the existing CS team or person at the potential business.


Is this service for startups? And do you think startups can afford this?

Yes it is affordable, we have two plans. The Classic plan and the Premium Plan. Resolve For Business was developed around supporting majorly Startups and SME’s.
How did you raise funds for and how much capital investment are you projecting?

We raised funds from an Angel Firm, As regards capital investment projections, I’m not at liberty to disclose for now because we are also working on a phase 2 raise round. We would keep you in the loop.

Given the tough environment you will be operating in as a startup, how do you plan to cut costs and break-even as soon as possible?

We’ve already got our costs under control and are working just fine. We also have created effective workplace management structures which allows to be more efficient in our service delivery.

Is this your first venture and what have you learnt from past success/failures?

No it is not! FueledUp was my first venture. Better ways to structure, hence the birth of

Can you please tell us more about your team?

I am the founder and Chief Assistance Officer, Amusat Usman Abiola- C.T.O and Ife Agbolahan- Chief Communications Officer. However, we also have our in-house resolution champions, who are always here to help.