Yochaa app ships Android version, to iterate more features

Yochaa app ships Android version, to iterate more features

After working day and night, Yochaa App team have finally released the Android version of the app into the Google Play store.

Yochaa App is an intuitive financial market information platform focusing on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, NSE. The app provides anyone with a real time snapshot into stocks and securities traded on the NSE.

In an exclusive chat with Osagie Zogie-Odigie, CEO of RME Ideas, the compelling case for the Android version of the app was as a result of high demand for the app by Android users within and outside Nigeria.

He said the Android version will continue to be iterated with new functionalities shipped from time to time. I have downloaded the app and must confess that it will be the best stock market app in Nigeria by the time it has finally iterated.

The portfolio tracking feature is also already working. You can basically input stocks that you bought, price and date of purchase. The app then tracks the performance of the stock in real time. So you can know what is happening to your individual stocks and entire portfolio position.

Yochaa App

The heat map is a cool feature as well. All stocks are grouped based on their real time performance indicated by colour codes. The greener, the better. The team said they are working on a feature that will make each box transform into a full-fledged chart, displaying intraday, one week, one month, six month and a year view of the stock.

Another cool section of the app is the insight segment that allows users to have access to real time news feed on all happenings in the financial markets and the Nigerian business scene. So, investors can easily see news headlines driving investor sentiments and market movements.

As a recommendation, I will like to see deeper charting options. Comparison charts are very good to give investors the opportunity to compare like for like. Also, the heat map segment needs granular features such as grouping stocks by sector, and comparing cross sections. This further allows an investor to determine from an index point of view, which sector is performing better.

There are some other advanced features that will make the app become more intelligent and addictive to users. Should Yochaa go ahead to build an alerts feature, it will be really cool. By this I mean, a user can easily set a certain price for stocks. Should those stocks fall above and or below certain price (depending on what parameters were set), they will be alerted via email and or sound notification. This is a very cool feature. However, it will be a very hard feature to build. because it is an advanced feature, but users might be ready to pay for having access to it.

As a work in progress, the team made available a bug report section, users can easily send complaints to the team for immediate action. You can also share ideas with the team on features they can work on and make better.