What No One Tells You About The Job of a Football Agent

What No One Tells You About The Job of a Football Agent

There have series of talk on who a football agent is and what they do. Well the job of a football agent is not hard to understand.

What comes to mind when you read about the Superstar footballers who sign those bumper contracts is that the football agent (licensed intermediary) involved has cashed in big time right? Obviously the background work put in by the agent is never acknowledged by anyone because they often times do not make the headlines.

The job of the agent could be likened to that of your company’s public relations department. They prepare, plan and execute programme of action on behalf of the organisation which could either be a huge success or record minimal success. The department does all the background work to ensure that the company is portrayed in good light and rightly placed where it should be in the public sight.

The recent move conducted by one of the world’s most respected football intermediary (agent) is currently facing huge test owing to the player’s performance at the new club. Mino Raiola struck the much talked about GBP89.3 million deal on behalf of his client Paul Pogba from Juventus to Manchester United for a record transfer fee smashing the existing Gareth Bale deal of ¬£86 million move he made from Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid.

Is Paul Pogba a bad player? Obviously no. But he is yet to find his feet, the manager at Manchester United, Jose Mourinho is yet to find a suitable role for the young Frenchman. His agent benefitted hugely from the deal which is now being heavily criticised for overpricing his player. Yes, agent make that big!

To mention a few deals where the players performed below per. Radamel Falcao to Chelsea, Christian from Aston Villa to Liverpool, and many other deals “gone bad”. What do you think agents do during the testing period? Sit, fold their hands and watch? Of course no!

Ask many of the football agents who have become successful, it didn’t happen overnight. It took some time with many deals gone bad, players get injured, players welfare packages before breakthrough, trust issues between them and players etc.

Are you really prepared to tread this path? Here are the basic things you must know to become a licensed intermediary.

1. Get licensed: To kick-start your journey to becoming a an agent, you are expected to register with your local football Association. Note that you do not start making money here but you have just taken the required bold step to your adventure.

2. Getting information about the game of football is pivotal as you cannot be successful without know the rules of the game and what matters. You must study to show yourself approved. Here you learn the ethics, about transfers and how to deal with clubs.

3. Get Connected. You need your old teammates, colleagues, fellow coaches, and also make new friends by attending events. You must build a network of reliable contacts.

4. Be Accessible. It is important to be available at all times. Keep your phone active, be available on social media and other important platforms.

5. Be up to speed with the activities around you. All top-flight players have their intermediaries, start your own scouting. Discover new players basically.